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Category: Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Assembler 4'

    Assembler 4

    Your goal is to position the green box in the appropriate place. For that, move objects and use gravity.
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Assembler 2'

    Assembler 2

    Place the green box in the appropriate place on the screen, move it to other boxes and use gravity to achieve your goal.
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Zombie Go Home 2'

    Zombie Go Home 2

    Use your wits to get the zombie home, you need to guide it the right way, taking care not to get caught in the traps.
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Woodcutter'


    Help the logger to leave the maze and return to his home, for this, use the objects of this scenario to win the hurdles.
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Werebox'


    If you are clever at first the game may seem easy, but then it starts getting more complicated, not impossible but it makes you think. Turn balls in red boxes and cut them out of the scenario, and when all the reds are out you proceed to the next level.
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Warehouse Worker 1'

    Warehouse Worker 1

    Move the boxes to the place of the flags, each box has a color and should be moved to the place of the flag of the same color. There are several levels that will require reasoning to be done.
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Vampire Physics'

    Vampire Physics

    You need to turn all humans into vampires, then use the intelligence to overcome the challenges, you need to remove the objects of the scenario to achieve just humans, you must run from the garlic and the priest. Try and enjoy it, have fun!
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Truck Loader'

    Truck Loader

    In this game you must use a good strategy to move the boxes to the places indicated, and that requires intelligence, see if you can load the truck.
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'Tower Blaster'

    Tower Blaster

    Organize your tower faster than your opponent, so you will need to be smart. The top of the tower must have the fewest and the base the biggest, to achieve this you can shuffle with your opponent, as you progress to level your opponent gets smarter.
    Intelligence Games
  • Play 'The Successful Experiment'

    The Successful Experiment

    Use physics to complete your goal, use objects to interact with the environment and make the experiment a success.
    Intelligence Games
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